Complicated Dating Relationship? Actions Don’t Lie…

Ponder eight (8) essential questions in Actions Don’t Lie: A Straight-Up Personal Discovery Exercise for Women in “Complicated” Dating Relationships. From the comfort of where you are, be inspired to examine your circumstances with a no-nonsense and reflective approach. In a simple but profound way, learn more about yourself and the actions behind your uniqueContinue reading “Complicated Dating Relationship? Actions Don’t Lie…”

Rest Stops in the Wilderness

Jordyn (my 7-year old) and I had been riding in some intense late spring heat here in New Jersey and felt the need to stop for a moment. The energy, breeze, and scenic views were welcomed, but could these two biker girls just take a short breather? So we stopped. As Jordyn ran off toContinue reading “Rest Stops in the Wilderness”