About Unafraid of the New

“You’ve been through a lot, but you’ve made up your mind to follow the ‘new thing’ that God is calling you to.”

You might be:


constantly acquainted with negative environments

making choices you aren’t proud of

adopting a mindset that limits your potential

Perhaps you sense that God is calling you to something new for the sake of a special purpose.

You absolutely can experience the new things God is calling you to.

“The Unafraid of the New journal is such a great read and encouragement with your walk with God. I love the writing components along with scripture which helps you to reflect along the way.  I highly recommend this book. It’s uplifting and provides tools to help you move forward.” – Tasha L.

Discover Unafraid of the New — live in action…

Spiritual and Personal Development Classes cover topics such as change, transition, and the courage to follow through.

“I enjoyed our first Unafraid of the New class via Zoom. I felt the session was very intimate and secure. I was comfortable with being transparent and connecting with the other women. Taking the class along with discussing the use of the journal helped bring clarity and confirmation. I look forward to the next session.” – Jas G.

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